Managed Plans
The ideal combination of features and service is found in our managed service plans. These plans provide you with a complete hands-off implementation of your newsletter marketing/communication program. All you do is supply the content or approve the articles we locate or create for you. Our specialists take care of the rest.

We can create custom templates and supply articles, news, and other custom content to fit your needs, or we can simply format your content so it can be delivered to your existing subscribers. Our system will create full HTML, AOL compliant and plain text versions of your message so that everyone on your mailing list gets the best possible format for their email client.

Pulp Fusion can track opens, articles read, external links, advertisements, polls and surveys down to the individual. This way you can see who is reading, who is clicking, and who is buying. We offer personalized messaging for one-to-one interaction with your clients. List management and list acquisition is also available. Call our account representatives for more information at 214-891-1839 or simply fill out the form below and we'll contact you!

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