Newsletters Build Business & Increase Communications
Pulp Fusion provides eNewsletter solutions that increase your return on investment. Solutions include the unique ability to share resources between newsletter accounts, allowing syndicated content, consolidate and target customer lists, and promote branding throughout sales and distribution channels. We offer self-service and managed plans to fit your needs!

    External Communications
    Every business has a pressing need to communicate with its customers and prospects for various reasons. Whether you need to update your customers, announce new services, inform customers of upcoming events, or provide them with essential data, regular communication is critical. It’s the key to establishing relationships, ensuring retention, and building credibility.
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    Internal Communications
    For some companies, internal communications can be a daunting task. Making sure the right information is delivered to the right people and that they actually read that information is almost impossible with traditional print communications. Not to mention cost of printing, postage and time to market with your information. Email newsletters can deliver personalized information faster, at a lower cost, and you can actually track who opened the email, what articles they read and what links they clicked on. And all your newsletters will be archived for future reference.
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    Product Marketing & Branding
    Email newsletters are an excellent marketing solution for Product Marketing & Branding and increasing customer loyalty. They can dramatically increase sales and profits by enhancing brand awareness and by providing a recurring platform to market your company's products and services. ROI is the bottom line, and both customer service and profit levels can be increased with implementation of an effective eMail newsletter program.
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    CRM & Client Support
    A newsletter provides information and serves as a marketing vehicle. Some organizations are seeking to “bond” with their customers. Other companies are selling expensive or complex products that require more explanation than broadcast advertising will permit. Still others are trying to improve customer loyalty and retention, regular one-on-one communications is a must for them. In each of these examples, a newsletter is a perfect solution.
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    Here are just a few of the benefits of email newsletters:

    • Deliver a professional and attractive HTML Email newsletter
    • Save on traditional print and postage mailings
    • One-to-one information gives each customer a personalized experience
    • Web-based, scalable design and reports accessible from any computer
    • Enhance your corporate image and brand recognition
    • Increase marketing Return On Investment
    • Deliver discounts, coupons or sales event info
    • Track reader feedback and click-thru's
    • Automatic response to a specific request
    • Online newsletter sign-up and subscription activation
    • Integrated Opt-In/Opt-Out ability (double Opt-in available)
    • Multiple email list management
    • Dynamic content delivery to client by profile information

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